some behaviour tips

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Some Behavior Tips

The Behavior Tips...
Method 1
I was recently asked by one of our regular site visitors to post something about how to set up your house/room correctly. Aside from furniture which can be expensive, artwork and posters are an affordable yet effective alternative to spicing up your living space, because the first thing that women will notice in your place is what you have on the walls. If they see something stupid or immature it will lower your chances of her sticking around long enough for much to happen, or even worse she will see nothing at all and figure that you are either broke or have no sense of style. When choosing what to put on your wall, it's very important to pick items that will attract interest and can be possibly used to start a conversation. Things to avoid are posters displaying your favorite music artists or movie stars, because this may bring up a conflict of interest if the girl that you've brought home likes other types of music or movies. Don't get me wrong, debate can be a good thing, but pure interest will always beat it. Your ultimate goal is getting her to believe that your decorations are interesting, and thus in turn believe you to be equally intriguing. With that in mind, stick to artwork/posters that can be considered neutral in most cases, but still cool and interesting.
Method 2
Picking up women is all about self improvement, just as much as it is about learning and practicing skills. You should always be trying to improve yourself, because improvement means better... and women are attracted to better men. The first step in improving yourself is to properly identify your good and bad qualities so that you can determine which areas of yourself need to be improved. Get out a pen and paper and write down the top 5 good qualities that you have that you think help you with getting women... then write down your top 5 qualities that you think stop you from getting women also. After you've done this you should begin to work on improving your bad qualities so that you can bring them into line with your good ones, which will make you a more well-rounded and attractive individual. You should also focus on using your good qualities more often now that you have identified them, because that will help you succeed more often with women. This may seem simple but just give it a try... if you have never really thought much about your personal traits then you may find that there is really a lot more to your personality than you know.