some flirting tips for guys

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Some flirting tips for boys

Some flirting tips for boys
Method 1
Persistence can go a long way. When a woman rejects your initial advance it does not generally mean that you can not pick her up, in most cases it simply means that she will not let you have her that easily. To handle situations like this you can use the two minute rule : When you approach a girl you should always spit game to her for a FULL two minutes before walking away and accepting the fact that she is simply not interested... regardless of what she says during those two minutes. You will be surprised by how many women will start warming up to you within two minutes... and by using this technique you will end up with a much higher success rate than you would if you were to just accept defeat right away.
Method 2
Here is a great kino tip... for those that don't know, simply put kino means the art of flirting by touch, for more in-depth information on kino do a search on it at this site and you'll find a few good articles. On with the tip : Whenever you are with a girl and her hair is falling in her face, gently use your index finger to "pull" the hair back and place it behind her ear. When you do this rub your finger down behind her ear all the way down to her ear lobe. Girls respond very well to this and it seems to have a comforting/soothing effect on them... they love it. You can do this as often as you like and once a particular girl becomes accustomed to you doing it to them they will even look forward to you doing it. As an added bonus you can say something nice to them or give them a good compliment while you do it, which will magnify the effect.
Method 3
If you notice a girl that you like but she is with one of her friends, try this approach. My favorite way to do this is to talk to the "uglier" friend first in order to make the hot one jealous... because if you talk to the hot one directly the other might like you too and get jealous... then she will do just about anything to ruin your chances with her friend - not good! Go up to the ugly one and say something like "I really like your (insert something : pants, shirt, hair... anything) then after she says thanks quickly move on to the hot one and give her a compliment also... then keep talking to BOTH of them for a while, but gradually focusing more on the hot one, until the point comes when you are only talking to her... then end the conversation by getting her number and setting up a date.
Method 4
Whenever a girl that you are talking to brings up the subject of her ex-boyfriend, you've got to immediately change the subject every time she does... the last thing you want is for her to think you are a "shoulder to cry on". If you learn that she had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship it's kind of a sticky situation... you can most likely get her to want you in terms of sex/messing around... but after a relationship that lasted that long its too soon to pressure her into a relationship, it could possibly scare her off. The best thing might be to first get her in a playful mood or at least happy (and most importantly not thinking about her ex and realizing how much fun she is having without him) then explain to her that you want her to be your girl but you don't want to rush anything... tell her that you'll move at her pace and if she wants you to back off a little and slow down all she has to do is say so and you will... then tell her that you don't like playing games and if she wants to be your girl she going to have to tell you.