way to dress up to attract

Posted by vishnu

Mostly depends on Player Clothes

Player Clothes
Some of you guys might be thinking that me telling you what type of clothes to wear somehow defeats the purpose of you having your "own style" and being unique as a person, and others may be thinking that by changing how you dress, you will be changing the "type" or person that you are or group that you "fit in with". To be honest, I think all of that is total BS. You came here because you want me to teach you how to get laid, so forget about all of the stereotypes that have been pounded into your head during your entire life; like preppy people wearing polo shirts, emo dudes wearing all black and jocks cutting their sleeves off. Only once you learn how to let go of those false ideas and inhabitions can I begin to show you how to get what you came here for.
The type of people you hang out with, genre or music that you listen to and the kind of activities you do should not need to determine the clothing that you wear. You have no excuse not to choose your clothes based solely on what would be the most appealing to women, well, at least if you want to get as much action as possible. So with that in mind:
Just do what The Player tells you to do and wear what he tells you to wear.
Why? Because if you do you will get laid more, much more. If that isn't a sweet deal then I don't know what is! Just follow my lead.
Not to toot my own horn, but not many people know what is cool and what is not cool quite like I do. Hate it or love it, it's the truth, and women will always be MUCH more responsive to men who know how to wear the "in" stuff and follow the fashion trends steadily. For example, from my personal observations, I can tell you that about 50% of men wear clothes that went out of style over 10 years ago, 30% wear stuff that went out of style 20 years ago and 15% wear stuff that was never in style at all. That only leaves 5% of us who are fashion conscious. Didn't I read somewhere that 5% of the men get 95% of the hot women? Oh well, it must just be a coincidence.
So do you honestly think that you are in that 5%? If you don't have hot women approaching you every single day and giving you compliments on your hot attire, then sorry bud, you aren't. However, you're in luck because if you take my advice that is all about to change. Below I've included a huge selection of the hottest brand new styles of t-shirts and jeans from the leading designers in the urban fashion niche, from Ed Hardy to True Religion.
This is the type of stuff that "bad boys" are expected to wear, you know... the guys that all women are uncontrollably attracted to. Wear these clothes, and you'll get laid twice as often, if not more. Don't believe me? Then just go ahead and try it out to put me to the test. - I'll update this page regularly as fashion trends change, so check it often -