How to start conversation with girls

How to start conversation with girls
Remedy: Girls love to talk about anything and everything (including you). Start a conversation by asking a question starting with a word such as why, how or what. Try to avoid cliché questions that lead to one-word answers (see below). Pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Find something in common and build conversation from there. Avoid arrogant remarks like "This math homework was so easy! My 5-year-old brother could do this!" Be more encouraging. Say, "Math can be confusing sometimes. Want some help?"
Problem: She's giving you the silent treatment. The reason might be...
a. She's not interested in talking to you at the moment.
b. She IS interested and therefore you are the LAST person she talks to. (C'mon, you guys do the same thing!)
c. You haven't introduced yourself yet.
Remedy: Follow the checklist given here. Take a deep breath, walk up to her, smile and say, "Hi, I'm (your name)." Ask a question. If she completely snubs you, get the message and move on. If she sticks around, listens and asks you questions in return, congratulations! You are now successful in conversing with the opposite sex.
* "What did you do for spring break?"
* "How was your game last night?" (Note: This only works for the girl who plays on a team.)
* "What kind of music do you like?"
* "How is your history project going?"
* "How was your day? "Follow-up question: "Why was your day good/bad?"
Avoid one-word answer or cliché questions:
* "How's it goin'?" "Fine."
* "Aren't you glad summer is finally here?" "Yes."
* "Did you watch the final episode of 'American Idol'? " "No."