Download Any File Using Default Nokia Browser

Just install corecodecplayer, then copy "coreplayer.ext" to C:\Data
Now open your default browser & try downloading any file and you will see that it can recognize the file for download. Notes:
- After the download started press "hide" quickly so that it will download from background
- When download is finished it will ask if you would like to "open" or "later". Just select "later" then select options\downloads then save to your desired location.
- If failed to press "hide" before downlaod finishes corecodecplayer will open the file and it will note as file not supported so you cannot save it in your MMC.. If so, just find the file downloaded in this location C:\System\dmgr\
For those who are downloading via rapidshare, mediafire etc try installing this "internet patch.rar" so that the website you are browsing will be tricked as to think that you are browsing from PC not CP
Download here: