Airtel Tips

Posted by vishnu

Airtel Tips
1. To get free jokes just Sms jokes to 170 & you will get a joke. And every time you will get a new joke.
2. To get free thought just sms thought to 170 and get a thought. You will get a new thought every time you will sms it.
3. To activate Mobile Office just dial *567# and follow the instructions.
4.To stop hellotune just dial *678# and follow the instructions.
5. To get airtel live menu by sms just sms anything to 54321and you will get a message and go with instructions.
6. To get the details of your tarrif expiry the new keyword is *131#.
7. Many sites in airtel are working free of cost some of them are,,,,,and we will give you much more sites later these sites are working free of cost.
8. Use mobile office settings when downloading anything away from airtel and get it in less charge.