Tips for seduction

Tips for seduction
Art of Seduction
Seduction has for ages been the most exciting thing in a relationship. Though most people are clueless as to how to seduce, they do not mind being seduced! It requires some amount of practice to master the art of seduction. But hey, practice makes you perfect! Now that you have nothing to lose, read on for some general tips for seduction. Also check out our sections on seduction tips for men and women.
Tips for Seduction:
Eye contact is very essential when seducing. Eyes are capable of "speaking" your deepest emotions and they it better than actually talking! However, learn to maintain a steady gaze. Staring or gawking is big no-no.
Set the correct atmosphere for effective seduction. The lighting, ambience and other things should be comfortable. Avoid extremes like too bright lights or too dull ambience. Music always works if it is soft and subtle. It shouldn't steal the thunder from you!
Learn to dance if you can. Master a few moves and set the dance floor on fire. Nothing turns on a person more than dancing, as you can get intimate with each other without feeling awkward.
Smile as often as you can. But please do not show your teeth as often. Like eye contact, your smile should also be controlled.
Confidence counts. Do not stutter or look nervous. It can get very stressing and irritating. A confident person has much more chance of seducing than a person who lacks it.