how to propose a guy

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How to Propose A Guy

How to Propose A Guy
An unusual thing some time back, the idea of proposal to a guy is quite in these days. But, some girls still hesitate to take this step. And one of the major issues that further add to their reluctance is "how to propose a boy". So, as a solution to this problem, we are providing you with some ideas for proposing a guy on Valentine's Day. However, these generic ideas can be used whenever you want to propose that someone special, Valentine's Day or not.
If you can afford it, hire a billboard near his house. Flash your message on it. But, please do make sure that he sees the same. Otherwise, all your efforts will lead to no results.
Girls are not the only ones who love flowers. Keep sending him flowers every hour on the day you want to propose. And with the last one, send a message expressing your feelings.
Another way is to shower him with flower petals or laying a carpet of flower petals to walk on. When the showering or the carpet ends, go down on your knees and tell him how much you love him.
Make a video, telling him about your feelings like how much you love him and care for him. Get this cassette or CD delivered to him and wait for his reply. Better still, be with him when he watches the video. You will get to see his immediate reaction.
Take him out for some romantic movie. With the help of the theater staff, display the words "I Love You (Name)" or "(Name), Will You Marry Me", just before the movie starts.
Another way of proposing is to announce it on the radio. But, first make sure that he listens to the radio and is tuned on the same station on which you are going to make the announcement.
Guys can be highly emotional and tend to feel vulnerable in overwhelming emotional situations. So make sure you both are in a place that is not too crowded. The idea of proposing your guy in the middle of a game is not very ideal!
Make it memorable. A guy loves to be wooed as much as girls do. So propose in the most enjoyable way making the whole moment memorable. Propose in a place that means a lot to him. Maybe a neighborhood park where he grew up chasing squirrels, or the place where you went for your first date, all are special to him and can be made memorable by proposing him there.
However you do it, do not show desperation. Guys are not too enthusiastic about marriage and can run faster than a cheetah at the very mention of commitment. Make it steady and don't be too pushy about it and make sure he is comfortable.
Make the proposal utterly romantic. Invite him to a bar that is not too crowded or take a corner seat. Slip on that sexy black dress, let down your curls and make sure you look stunning. Order a nice drink and propose him while he takes that last sip. Just make sure he doesn't choke on it!