Hack s60v3

Posted by vishnu

hack s60v3
there is a big problem when you install some file in the s60v3 such as certificate error,expired etc.to prevent this and install any unsigned applications.follow my step.
Step1:first Install hellox.sisx by signing it.(to get hellox go to http://vishwarocks.peperonity.com or search in google to get it)
Step2:if you dont know how to sign then give your imei to me" vishwa.simbu@gmail.com "
Or follow the instruction given in my blog to sign the unsigned version topic.
Step3:install hellox .thats all.it will create some file in the folder "hack" in phone memory or memory card.
Step4:it also install rompatcher
Step5:open rompatcher and select the option disable caps
Step6:it also install modo.open modo and copy the file installserver.exe present in the "hack"folder and paste it to c/sys/byn.
Step7:restart device. Hacking finished.
Step8:any doubt mail me at vishwa.simbu@gmail.com